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5 Diet Tips You Need To Implement This New Year.

Ok so I kind of baited you in with that title.

I'm sorry, please forgive me!

But let me get to the point, I think it's great to have some goals and want to change things this January. However I don't think its a good idea to change five thing's all at once.

That is overkill and will most defiantly be a shock to the system and most likely overkill.

I have Personal Training client's come through the door wanting to change everything all at once, however when we have a chat we decide we need to start one step at a time, lock down a couple of principles then move onto changing the next thing.

People go all in, they go from no exercise to going down the gym five days a week, cutting out chocolate, alcohol,!

This is due to the fact people are impatient and want the results as fast as possible, but also probably due to not being guided or given the correct information.

What should you do?

I think the best thing for you to do is pick one thing at a time, with my new PT client's we work on getting a solid gym routine in, if it's the first time they have done exercise for a long time, it might be focusing on doing something twice a week. Feel the benefits of that, take it in then move onto changing something else. Delve into the diet more, maybe start counting calories or reducing one specific thing from the diet, maybe even introducing one specific thing.

It's all about baby steps, the more gradual the change the less painful and more longer lasting it becomes.

that's a wrap,I decided to keep it short and sweet. I just wanted to get my point across and I hope it has helped.

If you have any questions on this specific subject, then get in contact with me I'd be happy to help.

Speak soon

Jonny AKA The Fitness Dad

Personal trainer in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

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