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Look At Your Nutrition Like Your Bank Account

Updated: Jan 10, 2019


I know strange way of thinking right, but if you think about your diet in this way I pretty much guarantee it will change your view on things.

So you go shopping after pay day, you go a bit overboard and spend £500 on a shopping spree of new things, but you can't go and spend £500 the next day and the next and so on, because you will end up with no money.

So what do you do?

You spend less on the other days, maybe you budget a bit to only being able to spend £50 so then that coming weekend you also have more money to spend because its your friends birthday night out.

If you look at your diet in the same way you will be way more successful, but also your results will be way more sustainable.

If you go out on a Saturday night and eat 1,000 calories on a three course meal and some drinks, that day, the day before or day after you need to reduce your calories in some way to make up for that over spending of money. You cant keep spending calories and expect to achieve the results. There has to be some control somewhere and some sacrifice as such. Its not really a huge sacrifice if you look at in the way that you still get to go on those big shopping sprees instead of being told to never go shopping again.

If you take on this mindset you will be a lot more successful with your diet, but if you continue to overspend you will be broke.

Using this method of thinking is exactly how I myself maintain the weight I feel comfortable at while also still enjoying life and oh believe me! I enjoy cake regularly. You have to realise there must be some sacrifices in order to achieve the weight you desire and to maintain it, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice living.

If you have any questions about this reply to the email and I will happily answer them.

Speak soon

Jonny AKA The Fitness Dad.

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