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THE Fitness dad community

The cheapest form of personal training you will find 

Live workouts 

Weekly live workouts with me inside the community facebook group, that you can do from anywhere with very limited equipment. It gives you a commitment to a time and place to workout each week as well as being able to ask questions about the workout and for me to keep you motivated 

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3 programs to follow 

  1. Bodyweight only, perfect for beginners or someone who has access to know equipment

  2. Home minimal kit (dumbbell/kettlebell, skipping rope, slam balls, resistance bands) For people who have access to more equipment and want a plan to follow to get results

  3. Functional aesthetics. My training style for people who want to look great but also be able to not only look good but feel good and be able to perform 

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Educational videos 

Inside the community you will have access to an ever growing library of educational videos so you can up skill your knowledge about nutrition, diet and exercise. So that you can get great results but also understand how you got them and how to keep them. New videos are uploaded regularly 

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community & SUpport 

One of the biggest benefits of being part of the community. You get support from me and others in the group.

  • Live Q&A'S weekly to help answer any questions and give you more support. 

  • Monthly check in's with me so that I can help guide you with your own personal goals from month to month

  • Diet support and accountability within the group, so that you can achieve your goals with the support and help of me 

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3 programs to follow 


Body weight only plan

Minimal equipment plan


Functional aesthetics (gym)


Live workouts 


Want to see what the community is all about before you commit? 

Trial it for free for 7 days to see what the workouts are like, learn somethings from the videos and get involved in the live workouts 

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