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The Top Places Near Amersham To Go For A Walk or Run

Hey, so I thought I would come up with a list of a couple of places in the local Amersham Buckinghamshire area where people can go for a nice long walk or a run.

I have lived near by Amersham for a couple of years now in Chalfont st Peter, but I have been working as a personal trainer in Amersham for the past three years.

The reason I wanted to give people a list of some places is because although I have been living here for a while im still discovering places now to go walking or running. So I thought it might be useful to provide people with some places to go, as you as well may not have heard of some of them.

Anyway lets get on with it shall we!

1.Hodgemoor woods 

Hodgemoor woods is a woodland area consisting of 250 acres of land. It is located between Amersham, Seer Green, Chalfont st Giles. I mainly gain access via the Amersham Road which runs from Amersham to Beaconsfield. It is a great place to go for long walks, go for a run, walk the dog (my dog loves it there) there are also lots of bike trails. The only one thing I will say about Hodgemoor is that it is so big and there are so many paths its easy to get a bit lost on your first time around, but you aren't far from civilisation you're not going to get stranded for weeks in the woods so don't let that put you off.

2.The fields along London road (Around 9 miles)

This is one of our favourite family walking routes. The walk leads from Amersham all the way to Chalfont StGiles and if you want you can even head on further to Chalfont St Peter. we live in Chalfont so at the weekends when we feel like a good hike, we walk from Chalfont to Amersham and grab some lunch in one of the many restaurants of cafes in the Amersham Old Town.  We have even cycled this route before, which can be a bit tricky as you come across a lot of gates which you have to lift the bikes over. But the views you get of the Chiltern Hills are incredible. Its defiantly worth a walk but you will beed probably a couple of hours there and back if you are doing the whole walk. Its very dog friendly as well as long as your dog is good around live stock. The live stock is another great benefit to this walk if you have young children, you come across cows, sheep, horses, lamas, obviously time of year dependent as to what you see. But you can get up real close as you are literally walking through the fields with the animals.

3.Ledborough lane walk. (Beaconsfield)

This is one of my personal favourite places to walk or run with the dog. We often go up there as a family and walk together. There are small circular walks around the farmers wheat fields or you can go off into the woods on various different trails. The scenery is amazing as you can look across the fields and at certain points you can see in the distance above the tree line. There is parking at the beginning of the walk and its normally easy to get parked. access is just on the corner of led borough road and Amersham road you can see the cars parked on the corner. My dog absolutely loves it there, he meets lots of other friendly dog and he's an adventurer so he has plenty of fields and woodland to roam around.

There you have it three places I love to go for a walk or run near Amersham. all the places are dog friendly too. Now get out there and do some exploring!

If you have any questions feel free to pop me an email

I'll see you in the next blog

Jonny AKA The Fitness Dad

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